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Account Validation & Sort Codes

 Account Validation

Click here for Account Validation

This facility is free of charge and allows you to check the validity of individual account numbers / account number and sort code combinations on this website.

Login to the “Account Validation / Modulus Checking” Registered Users Area

This area gives registered users access to the account validation/modulus checking specification. This is a paid for service and allows subscribers to develop account validation/modulus checking within their own system.

Sort Code Database

Login to the National Sort Code Database


National Sort Code Information for Republic of Ireland

The National Sort Code data is made available, free of charge, in two ways:


  1. The Online Search Facility is useful for identifying one-off sort code-related information such as a bank branch address, phone number or fax number, and will indicate whether or not the particular branch supports an ATM service.
  2. The Online Sort Code Database is available to download in three file formats including PDF, CSV and XML. To avail of this facility you must first register on our website. Click here for guidelines on how to register.

The main benefits of both the Online Sort Code Database and the Online Search Facility are:


  • Direct access to payment clearing information on more than 1,200 Irish sort codes
  • Powerful searching by sort code, bank name, branch office address, city, keyword, etc.
  • Time saved in researching payment clearing information
  • Convenient access to the information you need, right on your desktop via the main search page
  • Ease of use — all you need is Internet access
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient.

This Online Service will be of benefit to anyone involved in:


  • Paying salaries and pensions
  • Setting up direct debits or standing orders
  • Processing suppliers' bills
  • Checking customers' bank branch details
  • Investigating accounts & wages queries
  • Using on-line banking facilities

The National Sort Code data will provide users with all the information needed to make and receive payments.

IPSO is the custodian of the National Sort Code data on behalf of its member banks. The data contains bank branch information relating to all ordinary and associate members of the Irish Retail Electronic Payments Clearing Company Ltd. (IRECC) and the Irish Paper Clearing Company Ltd. (IPCC) operating in the Republic of Ireland. 

IPSO Eligibility Criteria for Issuing Sort Codes


Click here to view IPSO eligibility criteria for issuing Sort Codes for participants in the SEPA Direct Debit scheme & SEPA Credit Transfer scheme

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